Please Hold the Salt

SCW:  oh my god. that is all. oh my god.
me:  holy hell. i just wet my pants
SCW:  yeah, i’m wiping up the floor beneath me.
me:  hahaha we’re gonna leave a trail like slugs all over bedford avenue

So I’m kind of an asshole, but a loving asshole


Sister:  it’s in tysons. $175 for 6 sessions
me:  holy crap balls. get it (for me)
Sister:  wth lol
me:  did u get it?
Sister:  lol are you forreal? i haven’t looked up reviews about the place. i can’t imagine it being bad, though at tysons. that is an expensive gift, my friend. lol bougie wants it too?
me:  but you love me. and i’m not your friend, i’m your sister.
Sister:  LMAO stfu
Sister: lol well look up the reviews and tell me what you think.
Sister: it’s for the “small” area only
Sister: so probably face and pits, not your down there
me:  i’ll buy my own down there
me:  I’m hairier than bougie. boug has no hair, except for her upper lip.

Morning Chat

me:  lolol @ChoclateStarCan’t wait til @feesampo has a baby, it’s gonna be the cutest little blasian baby ever! Lol she might get me for this..
Kamron:  ….
Kamron:  “blasian”
me:  Kambodian
Kamron:  hehe yeah
me:  breed of our own lolol
Kamron:  indeed
me:  from a long lineage of strapping lads
Kamron:  hahaha something like that  😉