You’ll know where to find me.

me:  probably would’ve stayed longer if she had a popeyes 
BFF:  LMAO oooomfg your right. like wow
me:  You’ll know where to find me if Kam and I were over
BFF:  LMAO I’ll have to check every Popeyes in NYC, but I will find you
me:  You’ll know I’ve hit rock bottom when you find me at the end of a trail of plastic flasks of rail vodka and sweet tea jugs

We are all adults here, people.

gchat w/ Travis:
me:  i’m gonna eat paint for breakfast
Travis:  i dunno it taste pretty bad
Travis: kinda like ear wax
Travis: or a battery
me:  ear wax?? blagh
Travis:  yeah i tried it once when i was a kid.
me:  LOLOL
me:  i licked my snot before when i was a kid, never ear wax
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Gamap in Khmer = fat

My Facebook status:

I want a heaping mound of duck pate and layers of smoked duck prosciutto on a goddamn French baguette – with a side of fat juicy olives.

Cousin: damn that sounds good! are you pmsing?
ME: No, I’m just gamap. lol
Cousin: me too but that smoked duck prosciutto sounds hella good!
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Gchat w/ ze boyfriend:
Kamron:  hows your day going?
me:  i’m craving all duck everything
crispy skin
taro duck
roast duck
juan’s peruvian style duck
peking duck
duck blood
duck tongue
duck eggs

A Convo With My BFF

me:  have we decided when xmas brunch will be?
BFF:  Hmm, I haven’t yet we should talk that over this evening
me:  yeah. i told my mom about it. she sounded excited.
me:  would this be our families hanging out together for the first time ever????? O_O
me:  god i feel like we’re dating hahha
BFF:  I think it would!!!!!
me:  hahhahah
me:  ❤
BFF:  the longest relationship of our lives
me:  damn right!
BFF:  and we’re just bringing the families together hahaha
me:  agh that’s hilarious
BFF:  ^_^
me:  how long have we been friends?! don’t tell me its 20 yrs already O_O
BFF:  hmm… if not 20 really close. how old are kids in 3rd grade?
me:  like 8-9? okay maybe we have like another year or 2 before 20
Kim:  lmao still that’s like 18 years! That’s like the time it takes to raise a child
 Kim:  HAHAHA omg that IS horrible!!


Sean: please explain why you’re posting GGW pics to facebook
me: huh? what’s ggw?
Sean: wasn’t there something about a fort
me: oh lol i uploaded that thing a while ago
 Sean: why was that showing up on my feed this morning
me: I’m not sure. I noticed that 2 blank albums were created too. WEIRD!
Sean: thanks, facebook, for awkward conversations
me: hahahhaha but miemo and I did build a hotel fort in myrtle beach 😀
Sean: totes ggw
me: girls gone wild?
Sean: yup
me: how?! omg no way!
Sean: yawn, did you delete it
me: yes I did.   lol i don’t want ggw!
Sean: looks like the camera person got you drunk and seduced you into a hotel fort
me: LMAOOOOO no way.
Sean: *looked, since you took that shit down
me: when you said GGW i thought there was a boob or hooha shot. But then again i don’t have those kinda pix
Sean: hah no, that would have been funny and no guy would have ever mentioned that to you
me: good to know
Totes NOT GGW.