Dear Jesus, It’s MY birthday.

“I call them April babies cuz they fools” – Lil’ Wayne

It’s April! Can you believe how far we are into the year already!?

April is always a big month for me. For one, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! April 5 the be exact. There are a string of birthdays that join me in the first week that I hold dear to my heart. I feel like we’re the MPV’s of April.

April baby roll call!

April 1 – Cousin-in-law Laura!  My family likes to say she’s the Khmer-ist white girl on the face of the earth.

April 2 -Cousin Paul! I remember the phone call from France about his birth.

April 3 – My maternal grandfather. He’s the rock of the Nhim family.

April 4 – Cousin Richi! Paul’s younger brother, the dapper kid that always wears a button up.

April 5 – Me! DUH!

April 6 – My other mom, the mother of my best friend, Mrs. Ricks. She was my American mom, ya know, the one I grew up watching on T.V. and wondered why my mom wasn’t like that. She was “that” mom.

As a kid, my birthday party decorations were generally Easter themed. Bunny cakes, egg hunts, pastel colored baskets with the shiny neon fake grass, pretty much all Easter everything except Jesus himself. I’m Buddhist, so for pretty much my entire life, Easter = *insert Kanye shrug* and a reminder that my birthday is somewhere on or around that holiday. This year, it lands on Easter Sunday. (Wuddup, Jesus?) It’s always cool when your birthday lands on a holiday, right? I get some sort of bragging right because me and JC share something special. In honor of the joyous occasion, I’m keeping my eye on the prize: half priced egg/bunny/chick shaped candy on Monday. I won’t be doing anything Jesus related this weekend; instead I’ll be getting cultured at the Brooklyn Museum for their Target First Saturday event! Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Unknown Notebooks” exhibit just opened, there will be performances and workshops, plus a kick-ass DJ and 90s hiphop dance party later on.

Cheers to the last year of my twenties.


Random Memories

There was this one time my girlfriends and I went to New Orleans. By my charming ways, I got us into the House of Blues to see Future for free. [Voila! Magic!] And by charming I mean I went up to a group of dudes in front of a tour bus and asked, “So, who’s performing tonight?” I wonder if Future’s manager still has my number, and if so, what does he has my name listed as?? Probably something amazing.


You’ll know where to find me.

me:  probably would’ve stayed longer if she had a popeyes 
BFF:  LMAO oooomfg your right. like wow
me:  You’ll know where to find me if Kam and I were over
BFF:  LMAO I’ll have to check every Popeyes in NYC, but I will find you
me:  You’ll know I’ve hit rock bottom when you find me at the end of a trail of plastic flasks of rail vodka and sweet tea jugs

Bike chains

 me:  you have to teach me how to chain up my bike
 Kamron:  we need to also get you a chain
 me:  will my chain hang down to my diiiiiiiiick?
 Kamron:  no
for the last time
you don’t have a penis
you are a woman
you have a vagina
me:  stop ruining my dreams.