Caution: tumblr link!

Kamron:  -____-
oh my god
don’t send me NSFW TUMBLRS!
jesus christ
i clicked to see what the rest of his blog was like and BAM!
me:  LMAOOOO i only saw it from my tumblr feed! i didn’t know!
Kamron:  all i saw was 8===D O-:
me:  oh no! hahhahahah sorry baby

Morning racist poop chats with Kamron

Kamron:  i need to poop
me:  me too. farts stink
Kamron:  i just finished
me:  i just got coffee
Kamron:  i don’t have drugs for my headache. you are gonna blow up.
me:  I’m gonna wait till it’s gonna shoot out of my anus
Kamron:  i do that too! stop stealing my poop methods
me:  I was gonna say “teamwork” but it’s not a team effort to poop hahahhahaha
Kamron:  my coworker just described hanging out with Spanish people for 4th of July as “ethnic”
Kamron: “it was ethnic”
me:  the hell?
Kamron:  yea…. wasn’t really sure how to respond
me:  don’t make me get all POC on their ass
Kamron:  i just looked at him puzzled and said “yeah…..ethnic…..”. he said it with so much conviction
me:  on that note. i’m gonna go poop
me:  sooooo… can you get magnacarta for me? i need it in my life
Kamron:  magnacarta?
me:  hov, jigga, jay to the. omg i have to pooop NAO
me:  uuuugh so good
Kamron:  i thought you pooped already. is it good? magna carta, not your poop
me:  i haven’t heard it yet. coffee on top of beer shits after pigging out yesterday was amazing. it just shot out with no effort
Kamron:  i may have to go again.

after my ice coffee i’m feeling the bubble