Another Convo With My BFF

BFF:  I got my refund! woop woop!
BFF: And all but a couple hundred is going into my savings
me:  told ya! “Happy birthday! Love, America”
me:  in return, America wants stimulation
BFF:  thank’s ‘Merica!
BFF:  wait….
BFF:  what stimulation?
BFF: I can go buy some panties
BFF: stimulate that economy
me:  the economical vagina with your tax moneys
BFF:  LMAO I’ll also buy beer
BFF: so that’s all kinds of stimulation
BFF:  it’ll be your turn next
BFF:  what will you do to stimulate the economy
me:  stimulate Cambodia’s econ when i go make it rain there
me: it’s gonna be a monsoooooooon


Chat with my little sister

Little sister: are you seriously going to NY?
me:  yep
Little sister:  you’re never coming back
Little sister: lmao
Little sister: RIP
me:  its only gonna be 10-18 in lol
Little sister:  2 feet nigga
Little sister:  only 10-18 in? yeah and your driver is chinese…lmao good luck