Mind Fucks = Bros For Life

Sean: price tag is my fav song ever
Sean: by whats her face
me: price tag?
Sean: jessie j
me: really???
Sean: hot chav. no, she’s awful
me: hahahhah
Sean: but she’s hot in a trashy kinda way
me: i hate that song
Sean: i dont need your money yet she still sings it and makes millions. wuteva skank. slightly more retarded katy perry
me: agreed
Sean: ugghhh giving me a literal headache
me: what is???
Sean: katy perry now. trying to get into this shit but i can’t
me: she’s skull fucking you with a mental strap-on
Sean: jesus. you’re hardcore
me: hahahaha
Sean: literally read that in shock
me: =X never thought that was possible lol
Sean: youve never said anything like that
me: lol I keep it at a poops, farts, and sweaty tits level with most people. WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL. jk
Sean: not jk. we’re bros for life now
me: yes!
Note to self: Don’t ever Tumblr search “skull fuck” again.