Kam thinks our song is “Pony”

My sister, O’s away message:
O:  so i think a good idea for our wedding would be to have guests email us their wedding songs and then we can play them!
Tien:  lol we’re gonna get some obnoxious ones like ride that pony lmao
O:  i would so play thatlmaoooooooooooooo
Tien:  hahahaha
Our gchat:
me:  LMAO. Just so you know, Kam’s declared Pony by Ginuwine our song.
me:  unofficially- cuz I never agreed to it. but when anyone asks, that’s what he usually tells them

Twitter Talk With Jesse

Kamron was able to snag a random appointment with the very talented Thomas Hooper– tattoo artist extraordinaire. And I was and still am jealous. 🙂
Via Twitter:
@feesampo AGH I’M SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW!!! I want a piece by Thomas Hooper so bad!
@GraveYardMouth @feesampo hooper did my fupa
@feesampo @GraveYardMouth Did he get to see the goods?
@GraveYardMouth @feesampo he saw the base of the trunk and got to shave all around. He probably should have paid me
@feesampo @GraveYardMouth Bet it itched like a bitch when it grew back. Was he gentle?
@GraveYardMouth @feesampo he was gentle and professional and it was the worst few weeks of my life while growing back hahaha
Stolen from his Facebook
I’ve only known Jesse for a short period of time and have only had a chance to hang out with him on a few occasions, but he’s probably one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Jesse’s this giant, tatted, bearded, manly beast with the heart and soul of gold.
Promoting the shit out of him and his band, Tiger Flowers, cuz they deserve it.
Jesse’s TwitterInstagram, and blog at Gun Shy Assassin If you’re feeling adventurous, visit him at Millennium Tattoo for a piercing or two.
Tiger Flowers: Facebook & Twitter