Bedazzed Maxi pads and Sunday Church clothes! PREACH!

Samantha:  would you be up for the possibility of a gospel sunday brunch up in harlem?
me:  oooooooooooooo, where at?
Samantha:  i’m thinking sylvia’s
me:  oo exciting! their food is sooo good.
Samantha:  you’ve been there before?!
me:  kam and I went when my girlfiends came up one weekend back in April. went on a saturday so we missed the gospel
Samantha:  ahhhh! i’ve been DYING to pop my sylvia’s cherry!
me:  i only got thru 1/3 of my food before i had to tap out
Samantha:  yeah just looking at the menu makes me want to loosen my belt. but i’ll bet it’s fucking delicious
me:  oooooh yeah. all you heard were moans at our table lol
Samantha:  hahaha there’s also red rooster harlem
me:  I heard about that too. its pretty much next door to sylvias
Samantha:  oh word? DECISIONS DECISIONS
me:  either way, cherries will be popping
Samantha:  and lips smackin’, and hips thrustin’
me:  mmmhmmm
Samantha:  i wanna dress up a pastel colored dress and a wide-ass hat
me:  hehehe do it!! I don’t have Sunday church wear. I’ll have to do my best in throwing something together
Samantha:  put some sparkle on that ladydiaper!
me:  LMAO!!!!!! ❤ agh i fricken love you, woman.

Girls Fart.

Yes we do. Most of us aren’t shy about it either. 🙂
My tweet: @feesampo OMG this made my day. RT @AllThingsGo Alright, seriously guys. Who farrdid? #fart #farrdid #deardiary @seangregory
Sean:  lmao saw that “i farded” thingy on reddit the other day
me:  so good
me:  my sister wrote a diary entry like that when she was like 7 or 8. we still tease her about it.
Sean:  girls dont fard
me:  someone lied to you!!
(photo: blingcheese)

I got 10 inches for ya ;)

I’ll write a real blog entry one day. I promise… But these chats that I have are pure GOLD!

Like this one:

Kim’s away message: 10 inch pizza 🙂
me:  lol you weirdo
Kim:  hahahaha you love me
me:  I do and your 10 inches lovin ass
Kim:  p.s. I am just now starting to ache a bit LMAO
Kim: 10 inch loving ass lol good grief. that could be taken SO wrong
me:  hahahha whoa
me: hahahhaha i just reread that
Kim:  I have a FILTHY mind
Kim:  hahaha ooo man that was a good night
Me and Kim: BFF since 3rd grade ❤