Sean: please explain why you’re posting GGW pics to facebook
me: huh? what’s ggw?
Sean: wasn’t there something about a fort
me: oh lol i uploaded that thing a while ago
 Sean: why was that showing up on my feed this morning
me: I’m not sure. I noticed that 2 blank albums were created too. WEIRD!
Sean: thanks, facebook, for awkward conversations
me: hahahhaha but miemo and I did build a hotel fort in myrtle beach 😀
Sean: totes ggw
me: girls gone wild?
Sean: yup
me: how?! omg no way!
Sean: yawn, did you delete it
me: yes I did.   lol i don’t want ggw!
Sean: looks like the camera person got you drunk and seduced you into a hotel fort
me: LMAOOOOO no way.
Sean: *looked, since you took that shit down
me: when you said GGW i thought there was a boob or hooha shot. But then again i don’t have those kinda pix
Sean: hah no, that would have been funny and no guy would have ever mentioned that to you
me: good to know
Totes NOT GGW.

NSFW? Sweet.

Sean: holy

Sean: never go to google image search looking for images about “teen testing”

Sean: shit

me: why would you do that?!?!

me: and what were you trying to look up??

Sean: stock images for a client

me: lol gotcha

me: i’m not gonna look it up so you have to tell me what you saw

Sean: porn

Sean: lots of porn

me: sounds like bad porn

Sean: nope, just normal porn

me: gotcha

Sean: just not good at work

me: guess its NSFW lol

Sean: NSFW is my favorite unsafe activity

me: hahahhaha

me: sometimes when I browse tumblr, i’ll get a boob or something and i’m like SCROLL!!!!!

Sean: hah

Sean: yeah, i’m like… “ill be saving this link for later”

me: HAH! yeah… everyone’s always around my desk so I can’t really do anything but scroll or click on a dif window/tab

Enjoy my favorite music video: