Working On My Fitness


So I’m back on my fitness game. I had a slow start; but with summer around the corner, there’s no time to waste! Trying to shed this winter coat and tone up, I’ve kicked it up a notch.

I have a gym membership at Planet Fitness. I do light to moderate cardio to warm myself up then workout on the weight machines about 3-4 days a week. Each day, a different muscle group, followed by core work and then stretch cool down.  There’s one close to Kam’s apartment I can bike to and workout at when I’m in Brooklyn!

I also do Kazaxe – which I absolutely love. I do that twice a week. Can’t beat $5/class and a damn good time.

I always always ALWAYS stretch. Flexibility is very important. It also keeps things interesting in the boudoir. 😉

My sisters, cousin and I recently got a Living Social deal for 10 cardio kickboxing classes at NOVA MMA, so I’m going to somehow incorporate that into my routine. I did the intro class on Sunday and it kicked my butt!

As I mentioned before, MY BIKE! I love that thing. Can’t wait to ride it around the city and on the trails! First, I have to get over my fear of sharing the road with vehicles going 50 mph in the neighborhoods. NYC may be more bike friendly than the DMV, but I’ve heard too many stories of people who’ve gotten hit by cars.


I enjoy working out and enjoy it even more when others around me are too. I need motivation to keep going and push hard, not temptation to put off a workout till tomorrow. So with that said, I’m glad to have friends to workout and share this experience with me. I thank you.

I don’t really have a goal and I’m happy with my body shape – I’m a thick girl with curves for days. I love the burn, the sweat (and sweaty boobs), and the energy I get from exercising. It’s a great feeling.

To everyone gettin’ their body and insides right, cheers to your health. 🙂


No Pants Till Autumn Challenge!

About two years ago, my best friend got fed up with wearing pants – mainly because she grew some junk in her trunk. (If you’re reading this: DON’T LIE, YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!) She decided to retire pants during the warm weather seasons and only wear skirts and dresses until autumn.

I loved this idea and decided to take on the challenge. 😀 I’m totally a jeans and tee kinda gal… I’m even guilty of wearing the never flattering sweatpants out of the house. This challenge will help me embrace my dainty side, allow me to splurge $$ on my spring and summer wardrobe without feeling too much regret, and most importantly prep my pale-ass legs for full on chocolatey goodness in the summertime.

Follow @miemonster and I (@feesampo) on Twitter and Instagram to keep up and see how many times we recycle the same skirts/dresses and record the progress of my tan (unless I’m wearing hosiery… then that doesn’t count) in the next 6 months. YOWZA!

Don’t be fooled; I’m not brown yet. I’m just wearing sheer black pantyhose.