Love your body.

I love my boobs. I think they are the perfect size to my shape. I don’t mind the occasional plumpage during that time of the month, I just have to make sure I’m holding the girls in the appropriate “period bra” as I would like to call them. Or else the band is too tight or they’re spilling out of the cups – [c’mon ladies, get your shit together]. Anywho. I’m not packing heat; but I think I have a pretty nice rack without fooling myself or feeling dissatisfied.

I don’t need padding. I don’t want a push-up. Foam, air, liquid, gel padded cups… I think it’s ridiculous that C cups and bigger have such thick cushioning! How much more does one (C cup and up) need?? I’m all for boobies. I love ’em as much as the next guy; but how lame is it for the other party to grab a handful of material? What’s that famous quote? “Give me flesh or give me death!” (jk it’s liberty, not flesh, I know. I know. Not punny? Go kill yourself.) How big of a let down is it personally when taking off the padding and realizing that it was all an illusion? I’d be totally disappointed!

My rant stems from emails upon emails from Victoria’s Secret. I feel as if they come out with “the latest technology” for bras every other month. Sleekest, boldest, sexiest, etc. is it really that appealing? Do people honestly care about this so-called technology? Is that a true selling point? I got an email the other day that asked me if I’d love to go up 2 full cup sizes! Excuse me, TWO CUP SIZES?! First of all, no ones going to believe that shit. Fluctuating cup sizes would be a total mind fuck for anyone, especially if you’re packin 2 extra cups randomly. 2nd of all- let’s be real- when there’s significant space between your girls and your bra or if your boobs roll over to the top of the cups,  it’s not visually appealing. There was clearly an error in measurement by either you or the wannabe titty expert that measured you. And lastly, where’s the natural jiggle and bounce? As a woman, I think it’s ultra sexy, very feminine and damn right flirtatious. The padding takes all that away, unless you walk really hard.

I get it. Trust me, I really do. Big breasts are socially more attractive, whether it’s real, padded, or implanted; but PLEASE quit pushing these padded bras on me. I DON’T NEED ‘EM!

Enjoy this video. NSFW. 🙂



This is what my face feels like.  It’s been a stressful and emotional period week.

It’s only Wednesday, ladies and gents.

Buddha, help me.

On the upside: My uterus is easing up on the drooling…

(Yes. Let that mental image seep into your long term memory.)



Not gonna lie, a little envious of all the romantic gestures that were plastered all over the internet. 

All I got was a facebook shout out and 3 short small talk convos on the phone…

I’m on my period- so I’m slightly emotional, kinda disappointed, and totally irrational.

It’s just another Hallmark holiday, right? Just another day.


Morning Chat

me:  lolol @ChoclateStarCan’t wait til @feesampo has a baby, it’s gonna be the cutest little blasian baby ever! Lol she might get me for this..
Kamron:  ….
Kamron:  “blasian”
me:  Kambodian
Kamron:  hehe yeah
me:  breed of our own lolol
Kamron:  indeed
me:  from a long lineage of strapping lads
Kamron:  hahaha something like that  😉

Birth Control

This little runt is my niece, Anabel. She’ll be 4 in March. Last Thursday marked her first sleepover away from home without mommy or daddy! My cousin, her mom, was hesitant about the notion; but I was persistent about taking her back to my house and she gave in. (yippee!)

I was worried that she’d have a total meltdown when mommy didn’t get in the car with us, but she was totally cool with it. We came home to a full house. She clung on to my leg and wouldn’t leave my side. Not even to say hi to her favorite Great Uncle in the whole wide world! My sister greeted her with a canister of play-doh. It was over from there. She was all over the place, going a million miles a minute.

I’m not a big fan of children, so having her running around the house and getting into things that she shouldn’t kept spiking my blood pressure. The final straw was when she threw the play-doh on the carpet and smashed it with her foot. O_O


After cleaning up the mess, I bathed her – which means I threw water on her in the bathtub while standing a foot away. After getting scolded by my sister and mom, I scrubbed her up with a washcloth and washed her hair. Sheeesh. Children are so high maintenance.

I gave her allergy meds an hour before bed (I swear, I was instructed to give it to her). I put her in her onesie and played The Little Mermaid on the tube and until she passed out an hour later.

She woke up around 2am because she was thirsty. (again waiting for her to freak out) She went right back to sleep after a few sips.

6:15am rolled around and I began my daily routine. She woke up as soon as I turned the lights on. I thought she was going to have a morning meltdown because mommy wasn’t next to her, but she was cool. I got her dressed and I took her home before work.

The best part was having her in the back seat singing Cash Money Millionaire’s “Bling Bling” and “Get Your Roll On”

I raise ’em well. 😉