Let’s Poo This

Good ol’ 3 Ballerina Tea. I only drink this when I feel backed up or need to cleanse my innards. This time it’s a little of both. After the long stretch of binge eating from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, I feel gross inside and need to reset. The gyms are completely packed with New Year Resolutioners and I usually give about 3 months before they fall off the wagon. That’s the time where I’m able to readjust my diet and eating habits to normal and work out later in the evening when the gym is less crowded. The tea gives my system a kick start. It’s uncomfortable, because it can cause stomach cramps, but you get less and less the longer you drink it. I don’t drink this everyday, just when I feel like I need it.

Bottoms up!


It could happen…


I wish ‘NSYNC would get back together and tour. No new songs or anything; they can just perform every song in their discography. Hell, they don’t even really have to tour. They can put on a full on production just for me- with lots of pelvic thrusts and pyro.

Okay- maybe I’m being a little too greedy, but if they pulled something like Prince did and put on 10 different shows in a matter of 2 months, I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

OR MAYBE ONE GIANT SUPER CONCERT FEATURING ‘NSYNC, BACKSTREET BOYS, BRITNEY SPEARS, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, SPICE GIRLS, AQUA, 5IVE… the list should never end.  No, the concert should never end!! Alright, this post has gotten out of control.

I may be 25, but my inner teeny bopper still lives on strong. 🙂

Oh snap!

She’s back!

After searching high and low for this thing, I FINALLY FOUND HER!

She was in my car… since October…

Oy vey.

To add to my surprising discovery, I GOT MOST OF MY MUSIC BACK!!!

My poor iPod Touch died at the Gwar show back in October – pretty much the same time as when I lost my camera. Word of advice: NEVER LEAVE A BANANA IN YOUR BOOKBAG IF YOU’RE IN THE PIT. At the end of the night, the bottom of my bookbag and everything in it was covered in banana mush. It got in every nook and cranny of  my keys, wallet, books, sweatshirt, iPod, and notebook. My poor iPod had banana in the charging slot and in the headphone jack hole. It even got under the glass! Crystalized between the LED and glass. It is dead and all my music is gone.


All my music was synched to an old laptop and when I got my MBP, I never got a chance to transfer music over. Before I got my iPod, I used my phone as a music player. All my music was saved in a microSD card.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun.

I loaded that puppy in my trusty MBP to upload pix and the music heavens shined down on me. My music popped up and copied itself into my iTunes! I’d say about 60% of my music was saved. That’s better than ZERO.

I need to play the lottery or something.

Yeah… I’m that girl.

I had a xanga, live journal, some other ones in between, a myspace blog, blogger, tried tumblr… and now WordPress.

I looked back at my blogger. I did pretty good for 2 years… it’s nice to look back at what I’ve done, gone through, and moments I captured. I cringed pretty hard when I read it. My “voice” was really annoying and sooo dramatic. I’ll be better this time, I kinda sorta promise.  Anywho, so Blogger served it’s purpose, but after a while, I was over the site all together. On to the next..

My issue with Tumblr- I see it as a media site: a place for pictures, videos, gifs, etc. All I really did was reblog and <3. I didn’t like the idea of randomly throwing in personal entries between cat and porn gifs. It didn’t really entice me to really blog either. I just found myself scrolling down everyone I follow, laughing, reblog with a silly comment and repeat.

Let’s see if I can keep this up.